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Venue: Where is AX-Korea

Some people I met had a hard time finding the place. It's especially hard to find when you're getting there right before a concert starts and there aren't fangirls or fanboys to follow. Or even those ajusshis that sit on the side of the road selling stuff that you can ask directions.

I've gone there several times and let me tell you that if weren't for the fangirls, I probably would have gotten lost the first few times. So here's my step-by-step directions to AX-Korea.

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ADDRESS: 319-33 Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
METRO STOP: Gwangnaru Station (광나루역) Line 5. Exit 2
DIRECTIONS: Go out exit 2 and you should come out to a crosswalk. A big black building building should be right in front of you. It looks something like this:
The building in front of the AX-Korea Theater
You will want to cross the road and head to that building. It's not the actual AX-Korea building, but the theater is behind it and that's where you need to go. So after you cross the road and head left toward that black building you should get to a place that looks like this on your right.:
This should be on your right
Head toward that big black ball and go under it.
Turn right.
You want to head right here. 
Go straight
It's pretty much a straight shot from here. You'll arrive at your destination and enjoy whatever live music or theater show that you came here to see.

THE LAYOUT: AX-Korea is a live house that features a standing area that can double as a mosh pit sometimes (FTIsland concert became a mosh pit in standing D:) The sections are usually cut in sections A, B, C & D. A and B are standing and close to the stage. C & D are sitting but still on the first floor. AX has a balcony up top for sitting as well. It's a really small venue and is a good place to enjoy concerts in. 


Review: Play! FTIsland concert 2011.08.20

If you're not really into K-pop or just really not into the cutesy teenypop that most boybands are famous for, but just want to go to something that won't bore you but is still korean, then I recommend going to an FTIsland concert. Though you'll have to deal with a bunch of screaming girls (which is typical for most concerts anywhere in the world) FTIsland doesn't have the same bubble-gum pop feel to them. In fact, I would go as far as to call them an actual band. All the members play an instrument or more. The lead singer is an amazing performer that knows how to work a stage (and how to work his women up into a frenzy). Standing can become something like a moshpit because everyone is jumping around to the music. Definitely the best live band I've gone to in Korea. Not only are they all very talented men, they're cute to boot. And well, for someone like me, that's really all that matters.

Here's a few of their official music videos if you think you'd like to go to their concert. Be reminded that their songs sound at LEAST 100x better in real life than they do on any of their albums. I was a luke warm fan when I first heard their songs. I thought they lacked the rock feel for a proclaimed 'rock' band. And then I heard them live and went 'WELL...THAT'S WHERE THE ROCK WENT.'